Suburb considers fining parents for truant children

ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, Ill. — The Arlington Heights village board is considering an ordinance that would fine parents whose children have unexcused absences.

Under the ordinance, parents who know that their kids are repeatedly missing school, but don't report those absences, could be hit with citations and fines. If approved, a judge could issue parents fines ranging from $5 to $750.

Police proposed adding a parental responsibility clause to an existing ordinance targeting truancy. In some cases, officers are asked to conduct well-being checks when kids have unexcused absences.

At a meeting earlier this week, some village trustees sought clarification on the proposed rules.

Officials with Arlington Heights School District 25 support the proposal and called the citations a last resort to make sure students aren't missing valuable class time.

Police said this district has had chronic truancy issues with ten families. The board is asking for data from other districts in Arlington Heights.

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