DCFS investigating after toddlers found dangling from window

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CHICAGO —Cell phone video shows two toddlers in diapers, believed to be two-year-old twins, dangling dangerously out of a second-floor window in Hermosa Tuesday evening.

Denise Ochoa and her cousin Jennifer Salgado just happened to be driving by the apartment building at Palmer and Kildare when they saw the scene unfolding.

Denise jumped in to help while Jennifer stayed in the car with her cousin’s son, calling police before capturing video of the scene. Several people gathered below with outstretched arms, preparing for the worst.

“We’re trying to see if one of the babies fell if we could catch them,” Ochoa said.

One of the toddlers eventually crawled back inside, and a man brought in a ladder to rescue the other. Chicago police and DCFS are now investigating the incident.

“For no one to show up at the window or check what’s going on is crazy,” Ochoa said. “I was expecting someone to look out the window and say, ‘oh my god what are my kids doing’?”

Chicago police say an adult was present at the time of the incident, but did not see what was happening. The children weren’t hurt.

“At the end of the day those babies were safe, thank god those babies were safe,” Salgado said.

DCFS says it has not had prior contact with the family. The children have been placed with relatives under a safety plan, pending an investigation.

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