A look inside border immigration facility that runs with help from Chicago

WGN's Dina Bair has reported from the Texas-Mexico border this week.

MCALLEN, Tex. — A group from Chicago is working on the border, learning and promising to help understand the immigration crisis.

There are legal aspects of immigration that are swirling through the courts. But there are others who are not concerned about the legal process instead just trying to take care of people in need.

Most crossing the Texas –Mexico border end up at the border protection facility in McAllen, Texas. Many end up in custody, some on caged buses headed off to a holding facility to await their court date.

But hundreds of families escaping the horrors of their own country are greeted with open arms.

A nun the Holy Father calls the next Mother Teresa, dedicated volunteers and donors from Chicago are helping.

Sister Norma has secured property and is hoping to build a facility to care for even more people.  She is halfway to her goal of $5 million. For more information or to donate log on to the Humanitarian Respite Center's GoFundMe page.   


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