What is the Chicago record for the most consecutive days in the 90s?

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Dear Tom,

Recent weather forecasts have indicated that temperatures would reach at least 90 for at least a week. What is the Chicago record for the most consecutive days in the 90s?

Brian Hayes
Math teacher
Triton College

Dear Brian,
Over the years, Chicago has endured many classic heat waves with long stretches of hot weather. Officially, the city’s longest run of 90- degree-plus days is 11, recorded on four occasions, all of them during the sweltering summers of the 1950s. The four heat waves were on Aug. 24-Sept. 3, 1953; June 11-21, 1954; July 26-Aug. 5, 1955; and Aug. 19-29, 1959. In 1936, Midway Airport logged 12 straight days of at least 90 from July 6-17, but then city’s official thermometer was located close to Lake Michigan on the University of Chicago campus, where cooling lake breezes held the mercury to the 80s on five of those days.

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