Pleasant July weather in town for the weekend

High pressure centered over eastern Wisconsin late Friday was responsible for bringing significantly cooler, less humid air to the Great lakes region. Northeast winds gusting to near 30 mph along the lakefront limited high temperatures to the 70s across most of the metro area. The official high of 75 degrees at O’Hare airport was the city’s coolest daytime reading in two weeks. The drop in humidity was equally significant. At 2 PM Thursday, the dew point stood at 75 degrees. By the same time Friday, it had dropped to 54, the equivalent of going from Gulf coast-level humidity, to a North Woods environment. This fair weather high is forecast to move slowly eastward through Sunday, while maintaining its influence on area weather. Saturday and Sunday are to feature nearly cloudless skies, low humidity, and light winds. Temperatures will warm through the period, reaching the upper 80s Sunday afternoon.