A cold July 4 in 1967

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Dear Tom,

Warm or hot weather is typically a lock on the 4th of July in Chicago, but growing up I remember one so cold we canceled our picnic, stayed home and actually lit a fire for warmth. It had to be in the late 60s or early 70s. Can you pinpoint the year?

Linda B.
Mt. Prospect

Dear Linda,

You are probably recalling July 4, 1967 when the day’s high reached just 64 degrees, the city’s normal high for the end of April. Not surprisingly, the day was dreary with a heavy overcast and was accompanied by brisk north winds and some passing sprinkles. As chilly as it was, the city has shivered through three colder Independence days-highs of 63 in 1882 and 1909 and the chilliest, a 62 degree high in 1920. In sharp contrast, the city’s hottest July 4 occurred just six years ago in 2012 when the mercury peaked at a scorching 102(tying 1911).

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