What is the longest interval between 100-degrees?

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Dear Tom,
We had several close shaves this year, but got through the heat waves with no 100-degree highs. How long since our last one and what is the longest interval between 100s?

Tom Gregg

Dear Tom,
The city’s last official hundred was logged six years ago on July 6, 2012 when the mercury peaked at 103. Since then the city’s highest reading has been 97 degrees, recorded earlier this year on May 27. We asked Chicago climatologist Frank Wachowski to research your request and he told us that since the city’s first-ever 100 on July 16, 1887 the greatest interval has been just shy of 14 years. After the city reached 100 degrees on July 17, 1887 another one wasn’t recorded until July 10, 1901 when the mercury peaked at 102. There have been several instances when 100s occurred in consecutive summers, the most was five from 1952-1956.

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