Judge: Lincoln Towing ‘fit’ to keep license

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CHICAGO -- WGN Investigates has learned an infamous Chicago towing company may get to keep its license.

The Illinois Commerce Commission launched an investigation into Lincoln Towing last year.

Monday, WGN Investigates obtained a copy of an administrative law judge’s order in the case. It said commerce commission staff dramatically overstated Lincoln Towing violations.

The judge concluded Lincoln Towing is fit, willing and able to continue towing cars.

Complaints have dogged Lincoln Towing for decades. The company has been accused of removing cars from places it shouldn’t and causing high dollar damage to some vehicles in the process.

Last year, the Illinois Commerce Commission launched an investigation that threatened to strip Lincoln Towing of its license.

ICC investigators said found hundreds of improper or illegal tows in a nearly eight month period.

They labeled Lincoln Towing “incompetent and unworthy to hold a relocator’s license”

But now, an administrative law judge disagrees.

This finding obtained by WGN Investigates finds fault with the work of a Commerce Commission investigator.

The judge wrote, “Staff’s claim that [Lincoln Towing] committed 831 violations… is not supported by the record.”

She found only 21 violations in the same eight month period which the judge wrote equals a “violation on less than one percent of all tows conducted.”

It is very similar to what Lincoln Towing’s lawyer Allen Perl told WGN News a year and a half ago.

“If I explained to you how many tows a year and how few violations we have, it’s like .0003 percent of 1 percent,” Perl said in 2017.

Monday Perl told WGN News, “I think we had a fair and impartial hearing in which the judge was only influenced by the facts."

Ultimately, the ICC will vote on whether Lincoln keeps its license. But the judge’s ruling certainly helps the towing outfit’s case.

Read the full ruling below.

Judge's Ruling on Lincoln Towing by WGN Web Desk on Scribd

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