Baby gorilla’s gender, name revealed by Brookfield Zoo

Brookfield, Ill. — While the gender reveals now popular online typically take place before a baby is born, the Brookfield Zoo announced Monday a baby gorilla that arrived last month is a girl named Ali.

Ali has been living in the zoo’s “Tropic World:Africa” habitat with her mother Koola, her father JoJo, and her extended family since she was born on June 1. Along with its announcement, the Chicago Zoological Society released new photos of Ali and Koola bonding in the habitat.

For the first few months, Ali will cling to Koola’s abdomen until she begins riding on her back around the three-month mark and begin exploring the habitat after that. She will continue nursing for the next several years, the zoo said, although she will start sampling small pieces in a few months.

“She has already been welcomed into the existing gorilla social group, which is typically comprised of one adult male (known as a silverback), several adult females, and juveniles,” said the zoo’s Senior Curator of Mammals, Amy Roberts.

Western lowland gorillas are critically endangered, the zoo said, with commercial hunting, disease, and habitat destruction contributing to their decline. The zoo estimates around 200,000 western lowland gorillas remain in their native West Africa.