Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School student Sawyer Garrity finds light in music

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CHICAGO —Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School is still recovering from the shooting that killed 17 people and injured 17 more. Months later, students such as Sawyer Garrity are finding an escape, and in this case, it's music.

Garrity received the Melody Herzfeld Scholarship, which is named for the drama teacher responsible for saving 65 students in her class from a gunman by barricading them into a closet.

David Petro, the founder of "Broadway Break Thru," was moved by Herzfeld's bravery and wanted to know how he might help.

When Petro found out that several of Herzfeld’s students were leading the “Never Again” movement, he created the CBT Meldy Herzfeld Scholarship as a way to support their educational goals.  Sawyer Garrity was the recipient.

Chicago's "College Break Thru" is a 5-day intensive program at the University Center Chicago for elite performing arts students.

Only 75 applicants from around the U.S. are accepted, and these students will receive access to high-caliber performing arts classes, exclusive auditions, and most importantly, the chance to receive more than $260,000 in scholarships from some of the world’s top colleges and instructors.

Broadway Break Thru

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