Next round of Showers/strong thunderstorms looks to hit Chicago area Tuesday – severe storms possible along with renewed flooding potential

Our respite from rain looks to last through the day Monday, but a double-banding threat of severe thunderstorms with potentially flood-producing downpours looks to move through our area next Tuesday. Spreading in from the west and associated with a warm frontal passage, the first cluster of storms should hit early Tuesday morning, reaching the immediate Chicago area around or a little after sunrise. A second round of storms preceding a cold front may be more widespread Tuesday afternoon/evening. Rain should end from the west later Tuesday night/early Wednesday.

The National Storm Prediction Center has outlooked nearly the entire Chicago area in northeast Illinois and northwest Indiana in a Slight Risk for severe thunderstorms Tuesday morning through Tuesday night (see yellow-shaded area on the headlined map depicting a 15 percent chance of severe storms within 25 miles of a given location). Damaging winds and large hail along with flood-producing downpours are the primary risks. Note on the Excessive Rainfall map below, the Weather Prediction Center has outlooked the entire Chicago area in a Slight Risk of flood producing downpours of 1 to 3 inches during the same time-frame (see yellow-shaded area on map below depicting a 10 to 20-percent chance of flooding within 25 miles of a given location).

Day 3 Excessive Rainfall Forecast