Lunchbreak: Sweet corn and corn grits

Executive Chef Rob Shaner, The Kennison

The Kennison

1800 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago, IL 60614

The Kennison boasts an expansive patio that is ideal for guests to enjoy after a day spent at the park. Now that the summer weather is officially here, guests are welcome to enjoy happy hour featuring $1 oysters, dinner, weekend brunch and the newly launched weekday breakfast on The Kennison’s patio.


Sweet Corn and Corn Grits Recipe:

Makes 4 servings

Prep / Cook Time: 1.5 hours


1 cup. Anson Mills Coarse Yellow Grits, soaked over night

5 cups Purified Water (Preferably the soaking water)

¼ lb. Butter

1 cup Creamed Corn

Salt to Taste

 To make grits: Bring purified water to a boil.  Add grits and whisk to avoid clumps.  Turn water down to a simmer and cook until tender - approximately an hour.  Continue to whisk scrapping bottom of pot.  The starches can stick and scorch otherwise. Once tender, fold in creamed corn and butter.  Season with salt.

 Creamed Corn:

5 Ears Corn, grilled, and cut off cob

1 cup water

1 cup cream

Salt to taste

 To make creamed corn: Add water and puree corn and pass through a sieve. (Keep the pulp. Dry out in oven and fry for a nice crunchy addition). Finish with cream and salt.

 Additional Corn and Toppings:

5 ears of grilled corn

8 oz./1 cup Sungold Tomatoes and peas

1 oz./2 T Chives

Salt to taste

Lime juice to taste

To grill the additional corn and serve: Grill another five additional ears of corn and cut off the cob. Cut tomatoes in half and salt aggressively.  Spoon grits in a bowl.  Add grilled corn, peas and tomatoes, season with lime juice. Top with chive and fried pulp for a nice crispy finish.

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