Bond hearing postponed for Jackie Wilson, man granted new trial in murder of 2 Chicago police officers

CHICAGO — A bond hearing Thursday was postponed for a man granted a new trial in the deaths of two Chicago police officers 36 years ago.

It is now slated for Friday.

A Cook County judge previously rejected the request of a special prosecutor to delay Thursday's hearing for Jackie Wilson. The prosecutors said they needed to subpoena Wilson's prison disciplinary records.

Wilson's attorneys objected, calling the request a "fishing expedition."

Judge William Hooks tossed out Wilson's confession that he fatally shot officers Richard O'Brien and William Fahey in 1982 and ordered a new trial. The 57-year-old Wilson alleged former police Cmdr. Jon Burge and his subordinates tortured him into confessing to the shootings.

Wilson had been serving a life sentence in prison.

Burge was convicted in 2010 of lying about whether he ever witnessed or participated in the torture of suspects and served a term in federal prison.