Riding the Red Line: Bryn Mawr stop in heart of historic, cultural district

Amy Rutledge continues her series Riding the Red Line. Next stop: Bryn Mawr.

CHICAGO — Jumping off at the Bryn Mawr station is like turning a page in Chicago history.

Located on Bryn Mawr Avenue between Winthrop Avenue and Broadway, it is in the heart of a historic district where old-fashioned green lamp posts and banners pay tribute to a booming Chicago nearly a century ago.

The art in windows near the station is the result of a successful beautification project Rae Ann Cecrle began when the recession hit the area and forced several businesses to close. At one point, 28 vacant businesses were adorned by local artists. Today, there are just a few, which are rotated on a seasonal basis. You can learn more about the area artwork at edgewaterartists.com

The Zanzibar Café and the Dice Dojo are just a few of the eclectic businesses located in the historic part of town.