Storms, cold front bring relief from heat wave

The temperature at O’Hare airport reached 95 degrees Monday afternoon, coming just 3 degrees shy of the record for the date. This was the highest temperature recorded during our latest hot spell, which brought 3 straight days of 90-degree readings and triple-digit heat indices. Thunderstorms erupted along a southbound cold front during the late afternoon, sending cool storm outflow across the metro area. By 7 PM, areas along and north of the I-88 corridor had cooled more than 20 degrees. The front that initiated Monday’s storms will settle south of the area, establishing a cooler, northeast wind flow that is to persist through the upcoming weekend. More rain is expected in what has been a soggy June. Though the focus of heavy thunderstorms will have shifted south of the area by Tuesday afternoon, another weather system is forecast to bring a heavy rain threat on Friday.