Sunday Brunch: Carnitas Tacos

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Chef Eduardo Duarte from Don Pedro's Carnitas stopped by to show how to make carnitas tacos.

Don Pedro's Carnitas
1113 W 18th Street
Chicago, IL 60608


Prep: 10-15mins.
Cook time: 1-2hrs.
Serving: 4-6 ppl.

3lbs-4lbs of Pork Shoulder and or Pork Roast Bone-in
3 Cups of Rendered Fat or Lard
1 cup of water.
2 pks of Corn Tortillas ( white or yellow)

Prep and Cook:
In a deep pot or small Cazo(deep pot), pour in lard and bring to a boil.

Make sure your pork is cut down into small chuncks or 2-3in cubes.

Once your lard reaches boiling, gently place pork in boiling Cazo and let it sit for 1hr.

While pork deep fries, this is a great time to mince up half a cup of onions, and half cup of cilantro.

Reduce heat after 30 mins, to medium/ high.

Add 3 tablespoons of salt to the cup of water, which we will use next.

After the 1 hour, you will start feeling the tenderness of pork, which at this point it is almost done.

At this point, you can slowly add the salt/water mixture. This helps salt the meat evenly.

Now let simmer for another 30-45mins.
These 30-45 mins, you'll begin to see coloring in your pork to golden brown.
Once golden brown, you can begin to pull out meat into a strainer. Once out, your meat will be tender enough that the pork breaks apart or you can still chop it down smaller.

With your pork ready and chopped down. You can begin to warm up some tortillas.

Tortillas come in many options.
The 2 best options are either white corn or yellow corn. White corn are easier to warm up with microwave. Yellow corn are better warmed up on grill or over flame.

Grab 2 of your nice warm tortillas(2 because you want it to support the portion amount, plus condiments), pile in a nice portion of chopped Carnitas, sprinkle a pinch of chopped onion and a pinch of cilantro and you have the almost perfect Tacos.

At Carnitas Don Pedro, we have 2 flavors of Salsa.
Green Sauce, mild, (tomatillo and jalapeño) or Red Sauce, spicy, (Red tomatoes and Chile de Arbol). Both are the ultimate icing to the perfect taco.

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