How many temps in the 100s were logged in 1934?

Dear Tom,
You recently noted that 1988 was the champion year for 100s in Chicago with seven and 1934 logged four near the lake. If Midway had been official, how many 100s were logged in 1934?
— Jim Eckwall,
Dear Jim,
Weather observations at Midway Airport have been taken since 1928, though it was the official station only from July 1942-early January 1980. During the Dust Bowl summers of the 1930s, the Midway thermometer told a very different story than the city’s official site on the University of Chicago campus near Lake Michigan. In both 1934 and 1936, Midway logged 11 days of triple-digit heat, while the official site tallied just four and one respectively. In 1934, Midway logged six straight 100s, including an all-time high of 109 on July 23. In July, 1936, there were eight straight 100s, including a 107 on July 11.