Fascinating story of the man who founded Jack Daniel’s and the former slave who taught him everything he knew

Fawn Weaver spent nearly two years digging into the unkown story of Nathan "Nearest" Green.
Green was the mentor of Whiskey Distiller Jack Daniel and the first African American Master Distiller on record in the United States.
Weaver and her husband have taken what they learned and are leading the effort to bring more recognition to the rich history shared by Uncle Nearest and Jack Daniel by bringing Green's dream to life... with his name.
Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey is made using local ingredients from Tennessee. Our Premium Silver is an intricate 11-step, 25-day process utilizing a one-of-a-kind triple charcoal mellowing system that was hand-drawn and fabricated by engineers, exclusively for Uncle Nearest.
We talked to Fawn Weaver on WGN Morning News, who gave us great insight into this American story.