Your Money Matters: 6 job search stallers

Marilyn Bird, District President of staffing firm Robert Half


Situation No. 1: I’ve submitted for many jobs online and haven’t gotten any interviews.

Solution: Rework your resume and find a connection.

Situation No. 2: I don’t want to list my salary history on an application, as I had low-paying jobs through college.

Solution: Focus less on history, more on the future.

Situation No. 3: I don’t have any experience in the field I want to pursue.

Solution: Pinpoint transferable skills and find other ways to gain experience.

Situation No. 4: I’m thinking about returning to school for a graduate degree to help me get a better start to my career.

Solution: Think carefully and consult others.

Situation No. 5: The starting salaries I’m seeing in my field are too low. I need to make a lot more to cover bills, student loans, rent and other expenses.

Solution: Change your mindset from what you need to what the market will pay.

Situation No. 6: I’m feeling alone in my job search.

Solution: Spend less time on your devices and more on face-to-face interaction.