‘My whole wardrobe is gone’: Thief snuck into Pilsen apartment while women slept

CHICAGO — Julissa Rodriguez and her roommate were sound asleep in their third-floor Pilsen apartment around 6 a.m. Sunday when a noise woke her up.

"I heard some footsteps, some things fall on the floor; I thought Alexis was getting ready for work," Rodriguez remembers. "I heard the drawers open, I thought she was looking for her uniform. So I went back to sleep."

Little did she know it was actually the sounds of a man inside their unit stealing their belongings, including four pairs of Beats headphones, two cell phones, purses, wallets and even their clothes.

Rodriguez's roommate Alex Solimon slept at her boyfriend's house Saturday night, and realized what happened when she got home at 9 a.m.

"My money is gone. I look in my drawers, all they left was my work shirts. My whole wardrobe is gone," Solimon said.

Security footage shows the man enter and exit the unit several times over the course of an hour. He throws a suitcase and other bags over a fence, drops two laptops, and eventually puts the stolen items into a garbage bin and rolls it down an alley.

"To not feel comfortable in your own home is the worst feeling ever," Rodriguez said.

The roommates called Chicago police, and a detective came by Sunday afternoon to dust for fingerprints. The young women believe the offender got into the unit from this back door they say they may have forgotten to lock.

"Why us? Why people work very hard for their money and you come in and rob us blind? It's terrible. We don't feel safe anymore we're three young women here, I do not wish this upon anybody," Rodriguez said.


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