MLB: Anthony Rizzo’s slide should have been called interference

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PITTSBURGH - Anthony Rizzo's controversial slide into home plate Monday sent shockwaves through the Major League Baseball.

Rizzo slid hard into Pirates catcher Elias Diaz while being forced out in the eighth inning, taking out Diaz's legs, forcing a wild throw into right field. That allowed two runs to score and left both sides wondering what does — and doesn't — constitute a legal slide in modern-day Major League Baseball.

The umpires on the field ruled it was not interference even after a video review.

A day later, MLB officials told both teams the umps on the field got the call wrong.

"It's almost like a doctor reading an MRI, you might get two different opinions on the same set of information. Just think of it in these terms also: what would have happened had the catcher thrown to first base and completed the play before Anthony knocked him down? Nothing. Don't penalize Anthony for running hard."

"Like I said I'm not trying to ever hurt anyone," Rizzo noted. "Look at all my double plays I ever break up at second base. They're pretty much the same way. You go to one side. Those guys know me over there. I'm not trying to hurt anyone. I'm not doing it with the intent to hurt someone. Talking with the league, I didn't talk to them personally, but Joe and Theo 100% made it clear it wasn't a dirty play."

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