Memorial Day weekend stays above 90 degrees for first time in recorded history

CHICAGO — Temperatures in Chicago hit 95 degrees on Monday, tying the 2012 record and achieving something that hasn’t happened in recorded history: an entire Memorial Day weekend with temperatures above 90 degrees.

This is the first time temperatures have been 90 degrees or higher on each of the three days of Memorial Day weekend in recorded weather history, which dates back to 1873.

As temperatures remain high, it’s important to have fun, but remember the intense sun could cause sunburn in less than 20 minutes. So take precautions to avoid the downside of too much exposure to the elements. And if you get too warm, you could jump into Lake Michigan to cool off — water temperatures were around 59 degrees off the Chicago shoreline.

An Air Quality Alert also remains in effect for a good portion of the Chicago area until midnight Tuesday. Precautions should be taken especially for children and individuals with pulmonary or respiratory problems.

High pressure remains overhead, but some relief is possible, especially along and inland of the Lake Michigan shoreline, as storms work their way into northeast Illinois and lake breezes provide a surge of cooler air off the lake’s cool waters.