Chicago ties record for second-hottest May day ever recorded

CHICAGO — The mercury hit 97 degrees in Chicago Sunday, tying the warmest temperature ever recorded on this day, and coming within a degree of the dust bowl-era May record of 98° set on May 31, 1934.

Hundreds of people flocked to Lake Michigan to beat the heat, as the bike paths were full of people and the beaches were jam-packed after opening for the season on Friday.

Officials are warning people to think twice before jumping in the lake because temperatures are in the 50s, which is dangerously cold. Still, even that didn't stop some people from diving in to cool off.

While most people are loving the warm weather, the Illinois EPA says the air quality is concerning. It reached the orange category, which means air pollution is at a level that's unhealthy for sensitive groups. The EPA suggests people do what they can to stay cool, and try to limit physical activity outside.