Woman bitten by dog says owner violently punched dog, then ran off

CHICAGO — A dog walker was attacked by another man’s German Shepherd in West Town on Thursday, and the man’s violent reaction to the dog was caught on camera.

Robin Romine was returning a dog to a client’s home around 8 a.m. Thursday when the attack occurred.

“I came back out and there was a man standing outside with a German Shepherd,” she told WGN News. “He first said, ‘Are you a trainer?’ And I just looked at his dog and [the dog] just lunged at me and bit my face.”

Video from a home security camera shows Romine falling to the sidewalk. The man is then seen disciplining the dog with a powerful punch.

Romine screamed for help, and the man and the dog ran away.

“I was just panicked because I had blood … it was just coming from everywhere,” Romine said. “And I tried to get back into my client’s house. But [the German Shepherd's owner] just ran away with the dog.”

Romine was taken to Rush University Medical Center and received stiches.

“I’ve had about 10 stitches in my face. Plastic surgery might be a necessity. I’m all stitched up and I look pretty horrendous,” she said.

Romine said she filed a police report and hopes authorities will find the man and dog responsible for her injuries.

“I’m in quite a bit of pain actually. My face is very swollen and I’m just very shaken up.”

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