When does our spring “winds off the lake” season typically end? I

Dear Tom,
I live two blocks from Lake Michigan. When does our spring “winds off the lake” season typically end? I’m over these cold breezes!
— Joe Andres, Edgewater
Dear Joe,
Chicago’s “winds off the lake” season is most prevalent in spring, peaking in April and May with winds blowing in off the lake more than a third of the time. During the summer, as seasonal heat builds, the frequency of lake winds decreases, and in instances when they do blow onshore, the cooling is far less dramatic. In early spring, when the lake water is still in the 30s or lower 40s, the temperature difference between the western suburbs and the beaches can be as high as 30 to 40 degrees. While lake breezes continue to cool shore areas in summer, the effects are greatly diminished, usually in the 10- to 20-degree range, as the water temperature climbs into the 70s.

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