Hop off at the Granville Red Line for a unique mosaic school, antique market and classic custard

While the Red Line carries more riders than any other, many commuters don't know about the fantastic places found blocks away from its stops. So WGN's Amy Rutledge is Riding the Red Line from Rogers Park to 95th St. to highlight the can't-miss spots along the way 

CHICAGO — The Granville Red Line stop is the northernmost of four in the Edgewater community, located on Granville between north Broadway and Winthrop. The doors to this stop open into a bustling community with lots to see, eat, do and learn.

Karen Ami is the founder and executive director for the Chicago Mosaic School, the only school for mosaic arts in the United States. Students of all ages take part in workshops on the ancient art of setting cut pieces of glass, stone, and other embellishments into mortar. While the school is in its 14th year here in Chicago, it's a newcomer to the neighborhood.

"I like taking things that are broken and making them whole again; I think that is a metaphor for healing and life and recycling, so it’s very pleasing," Ami said. "It’s like completing a crossword puzzle."

Around the corner, Duane Scott Cerny has been running the Broadway Antique Market for decades. With 20,000 square feet of space  and 75 dealers to choose from, there is little you won’t find there. Boasting a large vintage costume jewelry collection, the store also holds lots of vinyl, lighters and cigarette holders, clothes, glasswear and assorted chachkies.

"It’s a business people are just fascinated with, cause we all grew up with it, with your aunt, your grandmother," Cerny said. "There’s some connection we have to things you’ve inherited, things you sell, things you collect."

You’ll find more nostalgia a couple of doors down at Lickety Split Frozen Custard and Sweets. The retro-themed frozen custard and candy store sells all kinds of familiar flavors, including massive sheets of dots, pouches of pop rocks, fun dip, rows of gummi’s, and even baked goods from a neighborhood spot. Local artists are often on display.

"We basically cater to anything you could possibly want to satisfy a sweet tooth," x said.

But it’s the custard that keeps the space hopping all year-round, like the tasty turtle sundae with caramel, hot fudge, pecans and whip cream all over vanilla custard.

"It has a higher butterfat than ice cream, which makes it smoother and creamier," x said. "it’s definitely worth the calories."

After all that, if you feel like you indulged too much you’re only a quick stroll to the beach and several parks.

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