Shedd’s new eye-popping art made of trash washed ashore

CHICAGO -- From the air, it looks like amazing new sculptures of what appears to be some of the Shedd’s favorite residents. But on closer inspection it shows a big problem facing out planet.

19 pieces of artistic trash now inhabit the outside and inside of the aquarium. They are amazing pieces built solely on plastic debris which made its way into our waters.

A broken microwave, a plastic goose, an ice maker, an old cassette player are among the plastic trash washed up on our beaches used in the project.

Each of the sculptures are accompanied by a little bio and a quiz asking visitors to find certain objects – while learning what affect those things can have on the animal in the water.

It is knowledge Shedd experts hope prevents objects like these from ever making their way back into the water.

More info on the Shedd’s website.