Sean Sears discusses the Cubs and Bulls on Sports Feed

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CHICAGO - There have been a number of good and bad things about the Cubs' season so far in 2018. You've seen signs that the team could end up being among the best in the Major Leagues, while at the same time a few holes that cause some concern for those who considered the Cubs a World Series favorite this season.

Sean Sears writes about the team for Fansided while also discussing them on The 312 Podcast, and he joined Sports Feed to talk about the team's first month-and-a-half of the season on Thursday with Josh Frydman. The guys also took some time to discuss the Bulls' draft now that their first pick will be the 7th overall following the NBA lottery.

To watch Sean's segments on Thursday's show, click on the video above or below. For more on the 312 Podcast, click here.

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