Truck driver leaves Arkansas waitress $2,000 tip

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ROLAND, Ark. — A waitress at an Arkansas diner received a hefty tip of $2,000 from a Mississippi truck driver on Sunday.

After moving to Roland, Brenda Pearson began working as a waitress at the 4 Star Diner. On Mother's Day, she waited on a customer who placed a to-go order she'll never forget. He ordered a cheeseburger.

"It actually got made wrong first, and I said, 'Well, it's not correct.' It needed two patties, but we fixed it and got it all ready," Pearson told KFSM.

When it came time to pay, the customer wanted to leave a surprise tip.

"The other customers were coming to pay out, and he said $1000," Pearson said. "I said, 'What? Are you serious?' He said yes. I couldn't believe it. I couldn't hardly breathe. It took my breath away."

It was $1,000 that the truck driver, David Platt, thought Pearson needed.

"It was late, and there wasn't really anybody around so I got talking to her a little bit," Platt said. "We talked about the Lord and about her life and her children. I got the impression that she was having a hard time of it, so I thought I`d just help her out a little bit."

But that's not it. Platt came back for pie an hour later and left another $1,000 tip.

"I have two children at home," Pearson said. "... It will help us get caught up on the move, and it was just God-sent."

Pearson wasn't the only one at the diner who was surprised by the big tip. Some of the regular customers said they were shocked too.

"Some of the girls get $20 on Sunday and stuff when they have special deals," customer Violet Hubbard said. "But $1,000? $2,000? It's amazing."

Although the $2,000 tip wasn't planned, Platt said he knew it was the right thing to do.

"Money is just paper or numbers on a screen," Platt said. "Self-gratification only goes so far. So, when you're helping another person, you're adding something to the world. It's an investment, and ... people are what's important."

Pearson said she's extremely thankful for the generosity of the truck driver. She hopes to use the money also to help take care of her stepdaughters and their families.

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