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Showmen's Rest Commemorative Memorial Service
May 17, 2018    1:00 pm

The Showmen's League of America was founded was founded in 1913, by a group of outdoor showmen.  It's a community of show people dedicated to service and fellowship.

100 years ago we established the "Showmen's rest" in the Woodlawn Cemetery.  On June 22nd 1918 The Hegenbeck Wallace Circus train had a horrific wreck that claimed the lives of 86 show folks. The Showmen's League sprang into action and 56 members of the show, were provided a proper burial at the Showmen's Rest.

Thursday, we are holding a Memorial Service to commemorate the 100 year anniversary of the establishment of the Rest and pay tribute to the victims of the Circus.  Believe it or not the Circus only missed one show as a result of the accident