Lunchbreak: Big Mike Burger

Executive Chef Craig Couper, Michael Jordan’s Steak House

Michael Jordan’s Steak House is celebrating National Burger Month with a rotating selection of featured burgers throughout this month.

Michael Jordan’s Steak House

505 N. Michigan Ave.

Chicago, IL 60611



Big Mike Burger

By Executive Chef Craig Couper

Serves 4



  • 4 Linz Burger Patties
  • 4 Sesame Brioche Burger Buns
  • 8 slices of Butter Kase Cheese
  • 4 TBL of Big Mike Special Sauce (recipe below)
  • 4 leaves of iceberg lettuce
  • 8 slices Charred Onion
  • 12 slices Kosher Pickle
  • Salt to taste
  • Ground Pepper to taste

Big Mike Special Sauce

  • 1 cup Sour Cream
  • 1 TBL horseradish prepared
  • ½ cup Dijon Mustard
  • ¼ cup Honey
  • 1 TBL Shallot, minced
  • 1 tsp Cajun Seasoning
  • 2 tsp Sherry Vinegar
  • 1 tsp Worcestershire

Mix all ingredients together in a medium bowl.


  • Season burger patty with salt and pepper.
  • Cook over charcoal coals to your desired doneness.
  • Top each burger with two slices of Butter Kase Cheese and allow to melt.
  • Butter both sides of the bun and cook on the grill until golden brown and toasted.
  • Spoon Big Mike Special Sauce on both sides of the bun (1 TBL per burger).
  • Top the bottom of each bun with one leaf of iceberg lettuce.
  • Place the burger patty on top of the lettuce, top with pickles (3 slices each) and onion (2 slices each).
  • Serve with great summer sides like ramp-potato salad, sliced heirloom tomatoes with basil and balsamic or grilled sweet corn.