Do you hear ‘yanny’ or ‘laurel’ in this video?

Remember the infamous internet debate about whether or not ‘the dress‘ was blue or gold? A new video is now surfacing that is causing debate among people.

Buzzfeed posted a video from Twitter user @CloeCouture of a recording in which different people hear different things. In the video, listeners either hear the word “yanny” or “laurel.” Sometimes both.

Listen to the following recording and head to the WGN Facebook page and tell us what you hear.

“If I cut your ears off and put someone else’s on your head, sounds would sound different,” University of Chicago psychologist Howard Nusbaum told Gizmodo.

Whether or not our ear canals or our brains are to blame, it’s clear that, with one word, a bot has once again flamed internet users’ tribal instincts.

“Yanny….I listened 10 times and cant figure out how anyone hears laurel,” one person Tweeted. “They are saying they hear “yanny” because they want attention….” another chimed in.

“I have a husband, kids, 3 cats and a job. Attention is the last thing needed!😂
But, I only hear Yanny. Sorry,” another replied.

One person tried to find a middle ground between the two camps, theorizing that the level of base was to blame:

That explanation was roundly dismissed by many on Twitter, however a select few claimed they managed to hear both Yanny and Laurel.

The debate rages on – what do you hear?