Water flooding streets, seeping into homes in parts of Lake County

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WAUKEGAN, Ill. -- Storms cut across the Chicago area this morning. Homeowners in Waukegan say the rain has been relentless and it's seeping into their homes.

Parts of Lake County were hit hardest this morning as storms rolled through the area. There's been so much rain lately that a lot of the water is pooling on streets and sidewalks and on top of lawns.

On Sunset Street in Waukegan, residents say it was at its worst around 7 a.m. today. There was standing water in the street. Golf Road is completely under water at New York.

Near North Chicago, a low income apartment complex, Whispering Oaks, has been completely flooded out.

Waukegan Public Works says they are aware of many of these issues. They think most of today's flooding is caused by sticks and stones and grass clippings covering drain covers.

Residents say they wish the city would do more to help them out. But the city says the ground is saturated and people need to be proactive about cleaning out their sewers and gutters if possible.

One homeowner told WGN that he was out in the middle of the street this morning, trying to clean out the sewer drains. But he still got water in his basement.

Not an easy fix for a lot of the people who live in Waukegan.

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