Storms move off to the east as warm moist air overspreads the Chicago area  – 1 to 2-inch morning rains northernmost locations

By midday the clusters of thunderstorms had all moved off to the east and the warm front was making steady progress north toward the Illinois-Wisconsin border. Showers and clusters of thunderstorm downpours preceded the advancing front dousing the northernmost counties with from 1 to 2-inches of rain early this Monday morning. Lake County was under a Flood Warning this morning and appeared to be the hardest hit in the Chicago area – Gurnee topped the list of official reports recording 2.13-inches. West of Rockford, Stephenson County actually had greater rainfall with 3.20-inches at Pearl City and 2.08 at-inches at Freeport.

Behind the warm front, winds have shifted to the south with readings climbing quickly through the 70s into the 80s, while dew points have surged into the middle 60s.

Some of the higher rainfall reports this morning…

Location/rainfall (inches)

Pearl City, Stephenson Co….3.20
Gurnee, Lake Co….2.13
Freeport, Stephenson Co…2.08
Fox Lake, Lake Co….1.86
Lakemoor, Lake Co….1.83
Round Lake, Lake Co….1.79
Long Lake, Lake Co….1.65
Lake Ville, Lake Co….1.36
Waukegan, Lake Co….1.33