A gender reveal outside Wrigley Field doesn’t go as planned

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A gender reveal attempt outside of Wrigley Field went a bit awry on Sunday.

CHICAGO – Over the years, it’s been the site of a few important moments in fan’s lives.

There are the first games, the victories, the championships of late. Sometimes there are even first dates and proposals that manage to make their way in or outside the Friendly Confines.

Over the past few years, a new trend has made its way into popular society – the gender reveal. One of those happened outside of Wrigley Field this weekend – only this one didn’t go so well.

Jeffery Habjan caught this moment on Twitter on Sunday as the Cubs and White Sox played the final game of their first City Series of 2018. It was a couple, wearing Cubs gear, trying to come up with a creative way to announce the gender of their next child.

The plan, it appears, was to have the mother throw the “ball” to the father holding the bat, and when he hit it, the gender would be revealed through blue or pink powder.

It didn’t go so well.

When the toss was a little high, the husband tried to catch the pitched ball or bag. When he missed, it hit the ground and blue powder popped out.

It wasn’t exactly what they were hoping for, but at least the couple knows the gender of their baby, and they have a fun moment to remember outside the Friendly Confines.

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