Police: Indiana baby suffered dozens of fractures, brain damage in ‘extensive’ child abuse

**Warning: This story contains graphic details**

GRIFFITH, Ind. – The parents of a 10-month-old boy are in custody accused of abusing him and leaving him with "extensive" injuries.

Cashmere Mack Jones, 24, and Rebekah Ann Davis, 31, both from Griffith, Indiana, are facing felony charges.

Detectives say Child Protective Services were called to the hospital in Munster, Indiana earlier this week. Jones and Davis had brought in their son in for an “unspecified medical episode.”

As hospital staff were examining him, they noticed several injuries on the child. It was determined the boy needed to be transported to the Trauma Unit at Comer Children’s Hospital due to these injuries.

The baby is in critical condition and his prognosis is reported to be “very grim,” according to authorities.

Doctors say he has “35 rib fractures of different stages of healing, blunt abdominal trauma, extensive retinal hemorrhages, upper leg fractures, multiple subdural hematomas as a result of cranial rotation indicative of ‘Shaken Baby Syndrome,’ and bruising consistent with being ‘grabbed.’”
Detectives spoke to hospital staff and the child’s parents.

“Neither parent admitted to any abuse of the child or to noticing any significant bruising or marking of the child,” a statement from Griffith Police Dept said.
The statement went on to say, “The parents stated that an obvious bruise on the child’s jaw was due to striking himself with a rattle, and further stated that the child may have suffered an injury months ago when falling off of a bed, or by sleeping on his bottle.”

“Doctors specializing in child abuse indicated that the statements made by the parents are inconsistent with the injuries of which they have observed on the child,” the statement said. Doctors also said the injuries were in different stages of healing, meaning the baby suffered injuries over a period of time.
Jones told detectives before they brought the baby to the hospital that night, Jones administered CPR for 45 minutes. Jones never called 911. Davis did not appear to be home at the time.

Authorities say there were four other children in the home. They have been removed by Child Protective Service. Police say there is no indication of abuse or neglect in those children.

Davis and Jones remain in custody in the Lake County jail.