2-year-old chihuahua abandoned at Pennsylvania post office

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COOLBAUGH TOWNSHIP, Pa. — The postmaster at the Tobyhanna Post Office in Coolbaugh Township, Pennsylvania, is used to getting special deliveries, but not the kind that was dropped off Monday morning.

It was a 2-year-old chihuahua.

"We received a phone call from a customer to say there was a dog in the lobby. We came out here and it was a baby chihuahua," Postmaster Pat Timothy told WNEP.

Timothy said he doesn't know who dropped off the pup but said whoever it was waited until the post office opened.

"Well, it is the last place you'd drop off a dog but I guess they figured someone would take care of it after they dropped it off," Timothy said.

After workers at the post office were notified about the dog, they came to get it, put it in a basket with food and water before members of an animal shelter could come and pick up the pup.

A representative from the animal rescue organization 'Hound Hunters' told WNEP there are no leads on the dog's owner and that the dog is currently being fostered until he can find a forever home.

As for the postmaster, he said he will never forget this delivery, his first on the job.

"Very, very strange delivery, but he will be delivered to a good caring home," Timothy said.

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