Kris Bryant making money for home runs since he was 8

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CHICAGO - Kris Bryant gets paid to hit home runs. He has for a long time.

It started when he was 8 years old on a little league team full of 10-year-olds coached by his dad.

"He said a hundred bucks to the first person who hits one. I was trying and trying. I kept hitting the fence. This other kid got it. I was bawling my eyes out. I actually ended up hitting my first home run a couple weeks after that. I got my hundred bucks and my grandparents were like 'if this is going to make you hit home runs we'll give you twenty bucks for each home run you hit."

But Bryant wasn't just rewarded for his athletic prowess. Hitting the books was even more lucrative. Every straight "A" report card netted him $100.

"I was rolling. I had three hundred bucks for a middle schooler," laughed Bryant. "It burnt a hole through my pocket. I never held on to it. Pokemon cards and video games."

Bryant launched his fifth home run of the year Monday night, bringing his career total in the big leagues one short of 100.

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