Des Plaines passes ordinance to help decrease vaping among teens

DES PLAINES, Ill. -- Vaping is becoming a popular habit among teens. One suburban community is trying to deal with it.

A number of suburbs have put tighter restrictions on not only tobacco but non-tobacco products that contain nicotine. Des Plaines passed an ordinance that's specific to its younger residents.

On Monday night, the issue of vaping and e-cigarettes came to Des Plaines City Council.

Maine Township High School District 207 asked for the ordinance that will allow students under 18 caught vaping or using e-cigarettes for the first time to take an educational class instead of paying a $25 fine.

At the heart of the new city law is health concerns for younger residents. Vaping and e-cigarettes, which are marketed as safer than tobacco, and often to a younger audience, come in many flavors. In reality, it’s flavored liquid nicotine--the addictive chemical in tobacco products.

Some Des Plaines residents applauded the step for students.

“We want them to live longer, not walking around like a walking time bomb,” Garland Armstrong, Des Plaines resident, said.