How many days did it snow at least 1 inch in 2017?

Dear Tom,
How many days did it snow at least 1 inch in 2017?
— James, Munster, Ind.
Dear James,
Chicago’s full-year snowfall records date back to 1885, and since then, the city has averaged 11 days annually with an inch or more of snow. Chicago climatologist Frank Wachowski tells us that 2017 produced only four such days, which tied it with 2012 for the third fewest, behind 1922 with two days and 2001 with three. Last year, the city recorded 3.9 inches on March 13, 3.4 inches on March 14, 1.4 inches on Dec. 1 and 1.8 inches on Christmas Eve.
Wachowski noted that the year with the greatest number of days with an inch of more of snow was 1978 with 23 days. The snowy year’s tone was set on New Year’s Day with 4.6 inches of snow and ended on New Year’s Eve with a 7.6-inch snowfall.