Massive house fire in Barrington Hills possibly caused by lightning strike

BARRINGTON HILLS, Ill. --  Fire crews spent several hours putting out flames at a home in Barrington Hills.

The owner says she heard some loud thunder around 2:30 a.m. Thursday.

Two hours later, she realized her top floor was on fire.

"They heard a loud noise. The thought maybe the home got hit by lightning and then they realized the roof was on fire," said Barrington Hills Countryside Fire Chief Jim Kreher.

The owner went back inside and got the family dog out.

Her husband was out of town, so no one is injured.

This is in an area where there are no fire hydrants.

Instead, crews bring in tanker trucks full of water.

Firefighters were still putting out hotspots nearly four hours after they got the call.

The investigation has not started yet, so that reported lightning strike has not been confirmed.