Gabe Salgado discusses baseball and Bears on Sports Feed

CHICAGO - A month of the baseball season has come and gone, and there have been a lot of things you would have expected from the Cubs and the White Sox.

While they've certainly had a few hiccups, the Cubs are still near the top of the NL Central and just finished a homestand at Wrigley Field with a 5-2 record. Meanwhile the rebuilding White Sox are showing the signs of a club trying to find themselves, playing 12 one-run games and losing nine en route to a 9-22 record so far this season.

Meanwhile the Bears hope their most recent draft will finally accelerate the rebuilding plan of Ryan Pace, which is now entering a fourth season.

Gabe Salgado of The Rewind Sports :60 discussed all three teams on Thursday's Sports Feed with Jarrett Payton. You can watch his discussion in the video above or below.