Is it unusual to have measurable snow days in April?

Dear Tom,

So far this month we have had snow on nine days, six with measurable snow and three with just a trace. Is that unusual for April?

Chuck Kennell

Dear Chuck,

While this month’s total snowfall of 3.2 inches places April 2018 as the 13th snowiest April dating back to 1885, the nine days with observed snowfall is the second greatest for April, trailing only April,1950 that recorded 11. Despite the record 11 days with snow, the total snow for the month was just 1.0 inches with traces falling on eight of the 11 days. In terms of days with measurable snow, the six days this April is also good enough for second place, runner-up to seven days in April 1910- a month that delivered 5.7 inches of snow. Ironically, the city’s snowiest April 1938 with 13.8 inches logged measurable snowfall on just three days.