Burglars raid collection plate at Holy Name Cathedral, police say

CHICAGO — Chicago police confirmed that someone has been breaking in and raiding the collection plate at Holy Name Cathedral.

Police said the Archdiocese came to them a few days ago to report that two men were seen entering unauthorized areas of the church, on the 700 block of North Wabash Ave., several times during March and April.

The church has quite a large facility, one that’s ringed with surveillance cameras. But if there’s video of the offenders, police aren’t sharing it yet.

The church said it began looking into this when collections appeared to be coming up short.

The church sent a note to its parishioners and asked for prayers as the church shared what it called, “some very troubling news.”

The Archdiocese of Chicago released the following statement:

While researching a shortfall in offertory collections, the leadership of Holy Name Cathedral discovered evidence of repeated criminal trespass at the Cathedral offices. The matter was reported to the Chicago Police Department and we are cooperating in their investigation. At this time, we do not know the extent of the loss, but we are conducting an audit of collections and will report on our findings.

The church said they do not know the extent of the theft, but it is conducting an audit and promising more information.

Area North detectives are investigating.