How much rain fell in Chicago May 6-11, 1960?

Dear Tom,

The Cubs had five games cancelled from May 6-11 1960 at Wrigley Field. How much rain fell in Chicago during that time?

Mike Hanson

Dear Mike,
The Cubs actually were plagued by six consecutive rainouts in May of 1960 due to the double whammy of rain and cold. A heavy downpour washed out the May 6 game, and even though the rain was light and intermittent, the next five games were not played due to sporadic rain, very chilly temperatures and gusty winds. From May 6-8, temperatures at Wrigley Field hovered near 40 degrees with chills in the 20s and 30s. Total rainfall for the period totaled only 0.59 inches. After the sixth rainout, Cubs manager, Lou Boudreau commented that “our pitchers were so rested now, I’m afraid they’ll start to rust.” The six rainouts were not a record-in August 1903 the Phillies lost nine straight games to the weather.