Hospital goslings hatch – and get very special names

CHICAGO -- Remember Weezie the pregnant goose? She’s the goose that chose an unlikely nesting spot on the 6th floor of a parking garage

And now congratulations are in order.

Weezie and George are now the proud parents of six sweet little goslings.

All six are healthy and already getting around. Weiss Hospital helped build a straw filled landing for them...and Wally Bytnar, the  gardner, provides the grub.

The family has captured the attention of Weiss employees for weeks now and the staff decided to name the new goslings after the WGN News at 4 team.

We're not exactly sure who is who but there's Big Benny, Dashing Demetrius, Loveable Lourdes, Easy Going Erin, Pleasant Pat (our WGN photographer who shot the story) and even Tender Tommy for Tom Skilling!