Former Chicagoan says he’ll challenge Trump in 2020

NASHVILLE, Tenn.  — New York Times best-selling author Brad Thor took to Twitter on Saturday to say he’ll challenge President Donald Trump in the Republican primary for the 2020 presidential election.

“The era of know-nothing, insult-comedy politics is over,” Thor wrote. Thor earlier tweeted that he would run if no conservative candidate stepped up to challenge the president. A few minutes later he wrote “in fact, let’s make it official. I’m in.”

Thor is from Chicago (his mom grew up in Park Forest, and his dad was raised in the city) but moved to Nashville four years ago. Thor said he was sick and tired of high taxes, Illinois’ pension liabilities and political dysfunction. WGN News interviewed Thor on Thursday in Nashville for an upcoming story about people who have chosen to leave Illinois for states with lower taxes and better economic conditions.

The conservative author, whose next book is scheduled to be released July 3, has been a frequent critic of Trump both before and after his election. Thor told the Washington Times on Saturday: “Our nation was established to protect the greatest minority in the history of the world — the individual.” He also retweeted several articles from conservative publications announcing his candidacy.

“A leader who neither understands, nor cares about the mechanisms of government and the protections of liberty, is, unquestionably, unfit to serve and should be voted out of office for the people’s own good,” Thor told the Washington Times.