A nearly giddy Mitchell Trubisky doesn’t get ahead of himself in Matt Nagy’s new Bears offense

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Bears quarterback Mitchell Trubisky takes part in veteran voluntary mini-camp at Halas Hall on April 19th.

LAKE FOREST – You’d couldn’t wipe the smile off his face if you tried. His level of contentment is that obvious.

Even just explaining the new system which he’s been handed over the past few months makes him a little giddy. You could see that during his first formal news conference since the Bears tabbed Matt Nagy as their new head coach.

“This is about where we’re going to get real deep,” said Trubisky with a smile on his face when asked if he could envision what the offense could look like down the road. “This is how exciting this offense is.”

Don’t forget this was after Day 3 of the Bears’ veteran voluntary mini-camp at Halas Hall. It’s still three-and-a-half months until the first preseason game and, as he found out on Thursday, about four-and-a-half months till the Bears opener in Green Bay.

It’s not a sprint, but rather a marathon untill then, and while  Trubisky seems like he’s ready to get into a stance on the start line, he does understand the need to slow things down as he grasps what this offense is all about.

“We’re really just going through the basics but I’ve talked to Nagy and there’s just so many layers to this offense and what we can do,” said Trubisky. “Plays off plays, just the intricacies of each play and how we have so many options within each play and just the decisions I have at the line of scrimmage and post-snap and pre-snap. They’re just going to give us a lot of options and we’ve just got to continue to lose our personnel and the talent we’ve got on offense to spread the ball around and be an explosive offense.

“It just comes down to execution, learning this new playbook, and believing in the system like everybody has so far. It’s been exciting.”

This isn’t just a line – Trubisky’s going to get to do a lot more in this scheme than he did last season.

With a bevy of formations last season in Kansas City, Alex Smith thrived in the system when running it with Nagy as a full-time offensive coordinator in 2017, throwing for a career-high 4,042 yards and 26 touchdowns. He also had 355 yards with a 5.9 average rushing the football as the Chiefs had the sixth-highest scoring offense in the NFL in winning the AFC West Division.

That’s down the line, of course, if things play out right. As much at Trubisky and the rest of his offensive are learning the specifics of the offense, they’re also getting a detailed look at the reasons for what happens within certain plays and formations.

“We start each play with ‘Why’ This is what it’s good against and if we don’t get this type of defense, then this is our options to go off that. So this is what we want, and if we don’t get this –  this is how we adjust from there,” said Trubisky. “They do a great job of teaching it. It’s not only me – the others positions know the ‘Why’s’ of the offense. So everybody will be on the same page, we’ll all have answers, and we’ll all be able to click as an offense, because everybody knows our jobs and what we’re looking for.”

So far he’s got a lot of guys to teach him how it works. Along with Nagy are backup quarterbacks Chase Daniel and Tyler Bray, each who’ve been in the offense before in Kansas City, along with the other offensive coaches to steer him in the right direction.

“These past three days I feel like I’ve been coached more than I ever have. Because I have Coach Helfrich, Coach Ragone, who was here last year with me, Coach Nagy and then I come off when it’s not my reps and I talk to Tyler (Bray), I talk to Chase (Daniel),” said Trubisky. “I’ve got brilliant offensive minds around me, I get a lot of information, I try to be a sponge, and it’s been a lot of fun working with those guys and learning as much as I can these last three days.”

At the same time, he continues to remind himself it’s just three days, balancing excitement with eduction from now till September.

“So were just doing the basics, but we’re trying not to get too far ahead, but Nagy pulls me over to the side, he’s like ‘Alright, we just have that throw but we got two-or-three more plays after that, and that will come going forward,” said Trubisky. ” But we try not to get ahead of ourselves, but it’s cool to look into where we’re going and knowing that there are plenty of plays ahead, there’s a lot of exciting stuff that’s going to go within this offense that we haven’t gotten to yet.

“So he kinda gives me previews and flashes of where we’re gonna be – just some routes or concepts or play actions or anything like that. We’re just trying to master the basics first and then there’s complexities on complexities, plays off plays, and building from there.”

Doing so with a smile on his face the entire time.

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