Teen siblings are rising stars in the world of professional indoor skydiving

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NAPERVILLE, Ill. — A young brother and sister team from Naperville is cleaning up at indoor skydiving competitions around the world, beating competitors three times their age.

Kaleigh and Noah Wittenburg are creating a name for themselves in the world of wind tunnel flying, where choreographed routines are done against 150 mile-per-hour wind speeds.

"It's kind of like trying to be an acrobat in a tornado," Noah Wittenburg said.

It's a tough act, especially when you're trying not to collide with your sister.

"We've had some good collisions over the years,"13-year-old Kaleigh laughs.

The siblings practice and are sponsored by iFLY Naperville. Their coach is a world champion tunnel flyer himself, and also their Dad.

"As a parent, I want to make sure I'm not being a 'tunnel' mom," Mike Wittenburg jokes. "All we really teach is that they train hard so when they get to competition, they're ready and relaxed."

Their indoor skydiving competitions have taken them all over the world, from Singapore to Dubai. Having a sibling as a teammate and a Dad as coach isn't the norm, but then again neither is spiraling through 150 mph winds as a hobby.

One thing is for certain: these siblings have blown the ceiling out of the sport in the last couple years, and they're just getting started. Team Aspire travels to nationals in two weeks and if they win there, they go to the World Cup in Bahrain in October.

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