Parkland school survivor connects with Chicago students on topic of gun violence

SOUTH HOLLAND, Ill. --  A survivor of Florida’s Parkland School shooting spoke at Thornwood High School in South Holland Thursday.

Mei Ling Ho Shing, 17, says a door lock saved her life because the shooter could not get into her classroom.

She said students had already been through an active shooter protocol and couldn’t have been more prepared.  Still 17 people died that day. Since then her school has beefed up security with armed guards, police officers, and clear backpacks.

Mei Ling connected with the students who may not have  experienced a school shooting but they know all too well about gun violence.

She says she doesn’t want school shootings to become a trending topic. She encouraged her peers to speak out, call their representatives and “make people sick of you.” She says she felt compelled to speak out as a black female because she didn’t feel like the entire Parkland student body was being represented well in national media coverage. She says 40 percent of the student body are minorities.

When asked what would have made her feel safer on the day of the shooting, Mei Ling said bulletproof glass and metal detectors.

She will be speaking again Friday at the Illinois Education Association’s Annual Conference.